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BSG International takes a holistic approach to process/systems knowledge. Through class room and curriculum study, an awareness of operational processes is trained, developed and then applied.


Knowledge is power and in the hand of a organization’s employees, this power is the driving force to operating as a uniform body or organism, with the organization's standards and vision as the primary goal.



Introduction to BSG International


BSG International provides the external expertise to provide educational and training programs specifically designed to enhance your organization’s competitive advantages and deliver more profits through the development or enhancement of a quality culture.


We recognize that there may have been, or is currently, training programs or templates that your company has invested in, but the BSG International program is evolutionary by nature. We integrate with, and improve on, past training and organization strategic initiatives while focusing on the improvement of the core competencies required in order to be prosperous.


BSG International’s full-line of programs will provide personal, process and professionaldevelopment skills. The outcome is an organization capable of cost reduction through an improved quality culture that promotes employee continuity and growth opportunities.


Our development platforms are listed as follows; Curriculum, Team, Team Member, Leadership and Executive. The Pathways of interaction and implementation are flexible depending on your organization’s education/training infrastructure.


After many years of organizational systems and process assessment, our conclusion is that the organization’s desire for quality is distracted by 4 primary barriers to quality. They are:

1. Fear of expression and/or action
2. Lack of communication verbal and/or written
3. Lack of written procedure
4. Lack of a formalized training program

Often times, the mentor or “agents of change” you are seeking is/are already present in your organization, so a portion of our role would be to develop your organization’s program for excellence together.





Our system of thinking believes that the essence of value for any business is its employees. Ninety-nine percent of any employee-base consists of good people who have the inclination todo good or what is right. This belief includes the management, leadership and the "front-line"workers alike.


The workforce already possesses the fortitude and moral strength to produce any piece of assigned work, regardless of the demands of labor. For the worker to meet these demands, the employer must furnish the means of support training, process implementation and accountability. The worker is only as good as the education/training.


Management must provide the necessary training in a strategically planned manner. For an employee to have an impact on the organization’s perception to the surrounding business world, that employee must first go through a process of self realization, job task understanding, co-dependency and teamwork awareness, and product advancement. This personal awareness will afford the worker the opportunity to impact the whole organization and to experience personal professional growth as well.


The twenty-first century will demand a solid foundation for continuance and growth of business. We call this foundation the BaseValues® concept. This foundation of principles and rules determines conduct and habit, which in turn affects the employees common welfare. There must be a systematic approach to the elimination of the 4 Barriers and this demand can be met by the Applied Business Science® , or “ABS”, curriculum.


The 4 Barriers, not individual employees, are responsible for process inefficiencies and conditions that create stress on workers. Management’s responsibility is to identify and define services and processes, communicate that information to staff, and organize training and the monitoring of that training among staff. This must be coupled with an unconditional support from administration and the organization’s leadership.





Spanning more than 20 years, BSG International consulting services has developed and successfully implemented programs that produced results far beyond customer expectations. The curriculum was tested and improved in actual working conditions prior to market introduction.


We have accumulated in excess of 40,000 hours of research, development and implementation to outline our program. Our success has been used in a wide variety of businesses and markets including government and education, warehousing and distribution, and services and manufacturing. The communication and process skills acquired by the participants in our curriculum provide transferable application at work as well as home.


BSG International has launched a truly unique full line education/training program, made possible by the Base Work Center® concept. This concept encompasses every job, process, step, procedure and department that can be managed, planned, scheduled, monitored and held accountable.


The training is delivered while your organization is in operation; it is managed change. BSG International clarifies and reinforces the values and ethics of a better organization to promote local, state, regional, and in some cases, national service impact. The result is open and honest communication and objective systems accountability and measurements. It encourages the professional development of employees supported by a corporate culture that emphasizes quality as its core competency. BSG International’s goal is to provide the most return for the educational dollar invested. We focus on the application of the process instead of theoretical best practices so managers will quickly see the impact of training.


The end result of our integration with your company is employees are better equipped to perform in today’s challenging, diverse, and ever-evolving work environment. It also prepares managers and supervisors to more objectively measure performance using proven techniques that build organizational team work, understanding, and therefore profitability!


The curriculum is tailored to the organizational needs and budgeting goals.






In our Applied Business Science© program, BSG International provides training andeducational programs specific to building the implementation tools needed to address employees abilities to Manage, Plan, Schedule and Monitor (MPSM). These skills are transferable and universal to the organization, regardless of department or job duties.


The predictable results from our Applied Business Science© is that as the organization evolves,the culture change reflects the acquisition of improved awareness of quality and process efficiency. The skills addressed in Applied Business Science©

1) Quality Culture

2) The 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness and Application

3) Formalization of the organization structure

4) The systems to manage, plan, schedule and monitor (MPSM©) agreed uponsystems

5) Preventive and Correctional skills

6) Analytical skills

7) Personal, Process and Professional continuance and growth

8) Intinuous (Intentional/Continuous) Improvement of operations via employees/teammembers




As the directives unfold, events and actions will surface in key areas of organizational evolvement.

1)Personal Development: The good and marginal habits of self, organization and co-workers are discovered with a course of action.
2)Professional Development: Transferable skills that apply job specific, become the hardassets and soft skills to the organization
3)Process Development: As processes are developed, systems are defined showingorganizational opportunities through individual team members






Class Training Options: The curriculum is advanced as required within your organization’s time frame to achieve its operational and strategic goals.


1) The Curriculum

a) Classes, seven (7) plus years available

b) Over 40 seminars and Workshops

c) New Employee orientation “as needed”

2) Teaching/training models

a) Train-the-Trainer, new trainees orientation

b) Available by distance learning

c) Online or web based


Class Training Implementation: The pace of implementation is structured specifically to maximize your organization’s ability to absorb and implement the training outcomes, while maintaining its level of productivity. All classes, seminars and workshops are related with a common thread and accountability.


1. Formalization of educational and training directives

2. Demands of change influenced by your customers, suppliers and competition

3. Adjustment by new employees demands, expansion, acquisition and growth


Curriculum Advances: BSG International’s experience gives a starting point with a defined path which takes into account your educational efforts and operational requirements.


Past: Educational efforts and expenses advantages
Present: Current events and efforts integration
Projected: Operational and implementation concerns
Processed: MPSM (Manage, Plan, Schedule and Monitor) of educational activities to hold accountable milestones of personal, professional and process development


Organizational Benefit: As the personal development is being enjoyed, professionalism evolves. The organizational training directives and vision strategies are realized by the organization, as true value. These leadership foundational skills promotes a quality culture. All the organization is brought together with an awareness of the same goals and path providing single-minded focus.





The Support for Operations: The education/training must fit the skill set needed and/or required by operations to accomplish the organization’s goals. BSG International provides the mechanisms and processes for a successful implementation. Employees Manage, Plan, Schedule and Monitor the implementation of “job specific” systems. A QualityCulture® islearned and shared by all employees. This “methodology” brings together co-workers and other department’s awareness of the value of cooperation, for the benefit of the organization’s goals.


Maximizing Training Benefit: BSG International has the ability to work with any training budget issues for planning and providing a curriculum addressing short fall budget concerns.


1. Past: Getting current value for efforts and dollars spent
2. Present: Addressing current organizational concerns
3. Projected: Proactive direction with curriculum
4. Processed: MPSM© existing values and blending with present and projected needs.

BSG International Involvement: BSG International has gained experience through actual involvement developing structured curriculum to blend with an organization’s abilities and operational function.

1.Flexible with existing budget constraints and objectives
2.Starting points need specific:

a.Formalization of need
b.BSG International Coordinators as needed
c.Educational training of training leadership
d.On-site and multi-site capabilities
e.The turn-key distance learning infrastructures
f.School of Applied Business Science
g.BaseWork Systems


Flexibility: BSG International has flexibility in delivering and content with aggressive pricing:


1. Computer based video streaming
2. On-site and computer blending of educational training classes
3. Utilization of existing educational training efforts
4. BSG is structured to meet the training needs of any size organization.

Education/Training “Turn Key Solutions”


Are job specific, organization wide curriculum

At a fraction of the cost, becomes your educational assets

No long implementation period, Online and starting class next day ready

Online is secure, encrypted, backed up and in multiple locations




BSG International provides a holistic approach to process/systems knowledge. Listed below are organizational development platforms structured to equip organizations with the essential implementation for quality through organizational and process structuring, education, training and outreach.


Curriculum: BaseWork Systems® and the Applied Business Science Leadership® are comprehensive training systems strategically structured to evolve the organization’s quality and product services to meet the ever-changing demands of their customer. This is accomplished through the use of video streaming, interactive team member handbooks, and Breaking Through the 4 Barriers to Quality, authored by Bruce Snell


Team: Each and every employee is considered part of the “team”. The team will collectively work through critical pathways to develop, enhance, and eventually maintain personal, professional and process awareness. At the core of this awareness is BaseValues®. BaseValues® are the fundamental principles and values that drive a person’s behavior. The team will be trained on how to demonstrate and monitor these BaseValues® in their area or division. The BaseValues® are structured around two rules of behavior:


1.Do what is morally and ethically correct

2.Treat others like you want to be treated


This training focuses on 5 main areas of proficiency:


Team Meetings: How to develop as a team player

Problem Solving: The four problem solving processes

Task Team: Focused, team-diversified strategic implementations
Process/Systems: The BaseWork Center Assessment®, a meticulous systemsassessment with identification of improvement opportunities
Training and cross-training team members: Carryover and teaching skill development


Leadership: The training leadership (or TL) is, in effect, the organization’s mentors or "agents of change". These employees master the “five areas of proficiency” through a closely monitored series of organizational systems application. The skills gained through this application are used to retrain the team members in their specific areas of expertise and control. The evolution of this training in the front line, supervisory, and managerial staff will provide a wealth of creativity and perceived job-task ownership that will strengthen the organization and better position it for growth and/or expansion in the future. The opportunity to lead is available and encouraged for all team members.


Executive: An executive-exclusive level of continuing education provides the organization’s executive leadership with curriculum in six areas of skill development:

Quality awareness: seeing the organization through the 4 barriers to qualityawareness

Quality infrastructure: organizational structures

Process and systems development: formalizing agreement of process creatingthe organization's systems

Preventive and corrective actions: Proactive intervention

Analytical skills: Data-based versus emotional-based decision making andreasoning

Personal leadership skills: Personal and professional growth




BSG International offers an Applied Business Science certification through Colorado State University for organizations looking for further credentialing or employee training. This credentialing also serves as a great networking and outreach opportunity for an organization’s customers, partners, and suppliers.


AWARENESS CENTER The Awareness Center applies the above listed platforms to state, government and community-based organizations including K-12 education, churches, clubs and other public places of need. This program also allows for participation through selective scholarships (complements of BSG International) based upon the proven financial needs of the organization and/or individual.


BSG INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS Now that the development platforms have been established, we would like to review the pathways of implementation.


The pathways listed below are foundational with flexibilities depending on your organizations’ needs. The pathways can stand alone or be combined to meet your organizations’ personal needs.


On-site of your organization: A BSG International Coordination on site of your organization either full day or half day. Depending on your existing educational infrastructure and employee count.


Off-site of your organization: BSG International can provide classes, seminars and retreats. Online with your organization: Education/Training through computer based training. Thewebcast can be from School of Applied Business Science or downloaded onto your organization’s network.


BSG International Online

Teach, Reach, Transform


I would like to introduce a straight forward Business Solution called BSG International Online. The BSG International Online system partners education/training curriculum with an Online management system.


BSG International: School of Applied Business Science - Foundational Arts BSG International Class Curriculum Provision: BaseWork Systems, ABS Leadership Foundational Skills and Best Practices of a Quality Organization provide total classroom and curriculum set, which includes:

Including video, audio, slides web pages
Upload and attach type file to lesson
Your organization’s needs
Auto grading test with true or false and multiple choice questions. Randomization, question pooling, time delivery, feedback features, and essay's.
Customized certificate that is generated for each student that passes the course


BSG International Online delivers the curriculum/courses, your organization has virtually unlimited flexibility for delivering your content.
Students can self-register or you can register them. If you want ot charge a fee, we offer credit card processing
You determine what content is available and when. Limits and tracking can be setup for any element
Receive automatic notification of registration and element completion or course completion
You set the criteria for course completion based on content or schedule
Real time reports on class and students


BSG International Online additional uses; developing your organization’s expertise


Develop your own instructors
Organizational communications, meetings, production/service update
Technical procedures capture
Customer and Supplier broadcast
Capture an event/action with documentation – retrain others
Get the fullness of talent, skills while you capture and preserve


Continuing Education: Education incentives


Career advancement through continuing education

Help with establishing education/pay raise platforms

As you learn, you and your organization grow


BSG International Online Requirement


System Requirements:A Windows PC (XP or greater) or Mac OSX with 512 Mhz processor, 1GB Ramand an internet browser (IE6 or higher, Firefox, Safari or Chrome) IE6 is notrecommended for instructors.

Network Requirements:To manage or view video presentations a broadband connection with 768kbps orgreater download and 256kbps upload is required.

Is it Secure?BSG International Online maintains the highest security standards. Yoursensitive data is encrypted and backed up in multiple locations.

Budget Costing - Establish your organization's educational and training budget.



BSG International would like to be your education/training partner. We have listed below a few options that can be used either alone or in combination to address your training and operational needs. BSG International would like to meet with the leadership of your organization to discuss the following options.


Option 1: The introduction of the 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness: Leadership, education training personnel, management/supervisor, non-management, support staff. Review with operational leadership, including field/service, maintenance, production warehouse/shipping and receiving, and inventory/staging. The order/request support/processing of our product/service

Option 2: The assessment of the organizational concerns

Option 3: Introduction to the Applied Business Science© Curriculum

Option 4: Introduction by specific use
•Management systems
•Non-management systems
•Internship for future leaders and employee retention programs
•Structured continuous educational classes

Option 5: The assessment of the existing education/training programs
•Benefitting from skills and systems already in place
•BaseWork Systems as a management system for existing

Option 6: Strategic Planning for Educational Training strategies to maximize the following:
•MPSM past, present and projected strategies from implementation
to realization

Option 7: BSG International: BSG is capable of providing curriculum to support both short and long term needs

Option 8: Starting your own School of Applied Business Science© with Continuing
Educational Units (CEUs)
BaseWork Systems Program


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