- Breaking the 4 Barriers to Quality


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Quality circles and continuous improvement using statistical methods, were introduced decades ago in the hope of making the American workforce more competitive. Some worked; but many were abandoned leaving multiple questions for workforce management. When Bruce Snell refers to “quality” he means People Quality! Essential to People Quality is doing what is morally and ethically correct, as well as treating others as you want to be treated. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or the low worker on the front-line; these values form the foundation of a quality organization. He calls these the Base Values© and in this book he makes the case for this People Quality which will successfully lead to Organizational Quality.


Snell writes this book from the perspective of addressing the human elements that targets the 4 Barriers to Quality: Fear, Lack of Communications, Lack of Procedures, and the Lack of Training. He includes philosophy, psychology and process to confirm his points. This book is easy to read, easy to apply and is guaranteed to improve the structure of any organization.


- SC Christian Chamber of Commerce


News T SC4The goal of the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce is to unite businesses, churches, schools, government and individuals to facilitate positive changes at community level. SC4 offers business leaders the opportunity to put their faith into action for the betterment of those in need. The bottom line: commerce changes poverty.




- GED Camps

News T GED-CampsThe SC Christian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Christ Central Ministries and Christ Central Institute to sponsor the GED Intensive Camps. The GED Camps offer an accelerated, intense, three week test prep class for highly motivated individuals who desire to obtain their GED.



- Christ Central Institute


News T Christ-CentralFounded in Fall 2002, Christ Central Institute (CCI) is a successful and growing center of Christian higher education, missions training, and career arts training. CCI has established a reputation for high quality teaching and research in Christian service and outreach. Christ Central Institute is the educational division of its parent organization, Christ Central Ministries, Inc. The Wagener Campus is home to the College of Missions, Missions Training, and the Internship programs.




- Business Solutions: Overwhelmed and Frustrated

Business Solutions - Overwhelmed and Frustrated  


By: Bruce Snell


Common Problem: "My organization is experiencing growth that I have worked very hard to develop. My challenge is that I am getting overwhelmed and frustrated with my employees. At times it seems that I am working more hours and listing to my employees grumble."


Solution: Most people work so hard on growing the organization, “to get it up and running”, that they spend almost no time on developing the systems to achieve this. They become not only overwhelmed with the existing way of doing business, but with the desired and achieved growth.


These systems need to be MPSM©… Managed, Planned, Scheduled and Monitored.


Your frustration and unnecessary longer hours are due to the 4 barriers to quality. There comes a time when you have to delegate responsibility, or your growth and stability becomes directly limited to your stamina, and not your organizations. As time goes on your communication becomes less frequent, with no written procedure which only provides a hit and miss training effort. Fear creeps in as the organization becomes disconnected from your expertise. Everyone is trying to do what they think you want them to do. This dysfunction is frustrating to all, and all feel powerless.


In summary, get the employees involved; supply them with personal, process and professional development skills to help define your organization. This in itself will improve your existing business and bottom line and will also create a platform for your growth.


Bruce Snell is a business consultant now based near Columbia, South Carolina in Chapin. His company, BSG International, has worked with businesses globally for over 30 years. For more information, visit www.BSG-International.com



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