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BSG International Applied Business Science©




In our Applied Business Science© program, BSG International provides training and educational programs specific to building the implementation tools needed to address employees abilities to Manage, Plan, Schedule and Monitor (MPSM). These skills are transferable and universal to the organization, regardless of department or job duties.




The predictable results from our Applied Business Science© is that as the organization evolves, the culture change reflects the acquisition of improved awareness of quality and process efficiency. The skills addressed in Applied Business Science©


1)Quality Culture

2)The 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness and Application

3)Formalization of the organization structure

4)The systems to manage, plan, schedule and monitor (MPSM©) agreed upon systems

5)Preventive and Correctional skills

6)Analytical skills

7)Personal, Process and Professional continuance and growth

8)Intinuous Improvement of operations via employees/team members




3 Phases of Development


As the directives unfold, events and actions will surface in key areas of organizational evolvement.


1)Personal Development: The good and marginal habits of self, organization and co-workers are discovered with a course of action.

2)Process Development: As processes are developed, systems are defined showing organizational opportunities through individual team members

3)Professional Development: Transferable skills that apply job specific, become the hard assets and soft skills to the organization



Series Description:

This series is designed to be taken over a 26 month period with the student attending and/or training two classes a month.


Each class will consist of multiple elements, and the student should be prepared to allot a minimum of 2-4 hours per month for the following elements.





Required Reading Material; this file will consist of the reading material assigned for each class. The student should read and review the handout and print as needed. The material is supplied in two formats; MS Word and Adobe PDF. We suggest using the Adobe file. If you have access to the BWS Library, you do not need to print the Required Reading Material.


Class Management Material; consist of a Class Agenda, Minutes, Action Items and Monthly Overview. The student will be required to read and review each item. It is strongly recommended that the items be printed out and use while following along with the class. *To be completed by the Team Leader and/or Facilitator, Steering Committee Coordinator and all Training Leadership.


Class Work Material; includes the Action Item Worksheet, Form Instructions and the Blank Forms needed for each class. The student should read and review and print as needed. Recommendation—Print out the Action Item Worksheet and Blank Forms and use while following along with the class video. (Team Member/Student)






Class Overview; video instruction – what we will learn and how to apply it.


Class Video and Agenda Items; each class will have a video that details and describes how each class is to complete each form and/or assignment.


1.Each class video will be separated by chapters, which will follow along with the Agenda Items and Required Reading.

2.During some chapters there could be Chapter Points which will required the student to answer a question(s) before moving on.


Class Work; as you complete a video chapter, it is extremely helpful if you complete the assigned reading and class work before moving on to the next chapter. As the subject is discussed and reviewed by the instructor, please complete the form before moving on to the next chapter.


Complete all class work within the class and/or time allowed. We recommend that the student print out the blank form and follow along as the form procedure is explained.



The Bigger Picture; describes how this class work sets the stage for where we are going, which will also encourage the student and organization.


Life Lessons: Stories with life applicable lessons.




Class Test; a class test will be issued at the end of each month's training and must be completed by each student which includes the Training Leadership. The test is available online for the trainer(s) and a handout for team members is provided in the class material, second class each month




Class Assignments Manager (MPSM); the Training Leadership will complete the Team Minutes, Monthly Overview and Action Item Worksheet each month. These completions will be verified by an online report that can be submitted to the Coordinator upon request.


Student/Training Leadership Responsibilities


Class Online Events/Actions

1.Printout for both agendas monthly

a.Class management


c.Blank forms

2.Watch class video instruction

a.Follow along with the online instructor and complete the class as required

3.Prepare for the Training Leadership (TL) class



steering committee responsibilities



1.Review and hold accountable the classwork

a.Review the monthly overview and team files

b.collection of classwork

2.Classwork Data Entry

a.Filed in the correct SPA (1,2,3) "MPSM"

b.File also in BW/C Handbook (section 1)


          — A. BW/C Systems


          — B. Forms, Data Entry


          — C. Additional Duties









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