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The 4 Barriers to Quality                                                                                       


Breaking Through the 4 Barriers to Quality Text




Training Leadership Handbooks


Avery Notebook

1" Heavy Duty View Binder 


   Set Colored Tabs                

Large tabs

Set of 5-Large Label Tabs

   Set of 1-8 Numbered Dividers

Set of 1-8 Numbered Tab Ready Index Table of Content Dividers



Team Member Handbooks

2 inch binder

2" Heavy Duty View Binder

Large tabs

Set of 5-Large Label Tabs




Training Room File Cabinet 

file cabinet  

Two Drawer File Cabinet

 Hanging folders


Box of Hanging Files


 Steering Committee Coordinator Handbook


Avery Notebook

1" Heavey Duty View Binder                        


Set Colored Tabs            

  Large tabs   Set of 5-Large Label Tabs



Miscellaneous Items



Logitec High-Definition Webcam with Stereo Microphones




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