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The School of Applied Business Science would like to be your education or training partner!

We have listed below a few options that can be used either alone or in combination to address your training and operational needs. BSG International would like to meet with the leadership of your organization to discuss the following options:


Option 1: The introduction of the 4 Barriers To Quality Awareness: Leadership, education training personnel, management or supervisor, non-management and support staff. Review with operational leadership including field and service, maintenance, production warehouse, shipping or receiving and inventory and staging (the order, request and support processing of our products and service). 


Option 2: The assessment of organizational concerns


Option 3: Introduction to the Applied Business Science© curriculum

• Seminars

• Workshops

• Classes and Training


Option 4: Introduction by specific use

• Management systems

• Non-management systems

• Internship for future leaders and employee retention programs

• Structured continuous educational classes


Option 5: The assessment of the existing education/training programs

• Benefitting from skills and systems already in place

• BaseWork Systems© as a management system for existing

   education and training


Option 6: Strategic planning for educational training strategies to maximize the following:

• MPSM past, present and projected strategies from implementation

   to realization


Option 7: The School of Applied Business Science is capable of providing curriculum to support both short and long term needs


Option 8: Starting your own School of Applied Business Science© with Continuing

Educational Units (CEUs)


Contact Information:


BSG International

Chapin, SC. 29036   

(803) 345-1700

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