The Methodology

The center's system of methods and rules are direct (going from one point to another), with a planned sequences of events and actions. This approach delivers to all students and personnel necessary process skills that can be applied, also known as the "how-to" of their chosen profession.


1. Foundational Values: Defining ethical character and values. Allowing the true character of the organization, student, and personnel to surface.

2. Foundational Skills: Identifying people and process skills that are transferrable from one job division and/or department throughout the organization, which is common to everyone.


3. Education/Training: Adopting a philosophy of job specific personnel training that is accepted organization wide, involving people and process skills.


4. Enhancement: Creating greater value of existing skills and training pulled together with a common vision, language, curriculum and value.


5. Proactive and Reactive skills: Learning to treat not only the symptoms of a problem, but teaching awareness and preventive skills to affect a cure that is beneficial to the people and the processes involved.


6. People/Process Skills: We believe these foundational skills should be accepted as required skills to build the business infrastructures of people and processes. This includes the education and awareness of thought that one skill is dependent on the other for success.


7. Valued Assets: The students and employees are the most valuable asset of the organization. By helping the students and employees with professional skills, we also improve the organization. As their professional skills increase, they will develop skills to directly impact their families and their communities.


8. Leadership: Leadership skills develop throughout the organization that will also help retrain and model professional behaviors that are associated with leaders and good citizens.


Our Methodology Statement


The continuance and growth of organizations, students/personnel, "through practical application."



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