Quality Disciplines


Quality© Awareness: This awareness of The 4 Barriers To Quality© and the Ten Quality© Disciplines should apply to our everyday life at home and at work. The disciplines and habits are guidelines as we provide our product and services to both our internal and external suppliers and customers.


  1. 1. Quality Definition: Quality contributes and/or increases the well-being of others by meeting and/or exceeding our Agreement of Quality.


  1. 2. Agreement of Quality: Quality is best defined in written form and beneficial for all parties. We are morally and ethically bound by our verbal and written promises and agreements. The example of written is the following; contract, system, procedure, policy and order/request. The verbal example is your word.


  1. 3. Commitment: An assurance that one will do what was agreed upon in regards to terms/conditions, events/actions of agreement of trust of performance.


  1. 4. Guarantee: A firm promise to perform to the agreement and commitment of quality.


  1. 5. TruthThe accuracy, sincerity, integrity. The performance of the agreement.


  1. 6. Trust: The acceptance, confidence and/or security of agreement as true or reliable without the need to verify the quality.


  1. 7. Trustworthiness: To have faith/belief to honor the Agreement of Quality. This includes yourself, events/actions and your products/services.


  1. 8. Continuance and Growth: To endure our current events/actions of your daily life, at home and at work. In the same breath we need to grow our minds and characters. This discipline insures our quality of life and our organization’s product/service.


  1. 9. Contributes: To give to others/society quality that benefits and/or makes life better; “the quality purpose."


  1. 10. Well-being: Quality discipline contributes to health, happiness, welfare, prosperity and adds to our quality of life.



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