Barrier One - Breaking Through Fear





When change gives way to fear, there is a return to the status quo of doing business the same old way. Sitting on the sidelines becomes a sport of inactivity. Fear paralyzes the organization and the change process. Communication is very selective and safe, so fear will shut down open and honest communication.


The procedures and way of doing business are usually informal, and we become very selective at who and what is to be held accountable. Fear translates into employee insecurity, low morale and lack of commitment.


Training is not a “way of doing business.” Reactive training starts after the problem surfaces and/or the demands for some type of necessary certification. Training managers are usually the only people to actually step up and make things happen. 


Fear is now holding the organization hostage. The 1% is not accountable and the 99% are being undermined by the lack of positive accountability.



All employees are participating and holding each other accountable. As the organization holds the process and systems accountable that have been agreed upon, open and honest communication is encouraged and becomes a habit. From here, there is no longer a blame game being played with fingers pointing everywhere.


By formalizing the education and training, the tools are now available to hold the organization accountable. We start to see and understand the 1%, 5%, and 20% rules.




There becomes a wide scale employee buy-in about the change. You will start to see a free flow of information running in both directions between employees and between management and employees. Problems are recognized as process issues, not people issues.


As time progresses all employees become encouraged to participate in their organization. They will freely welcome accountability as that same accountability is required of everyone.


Quality Note: Most of the fear from employees is not with the Owner/CEO, but with the organization and previous experiences with other jobs, along with their own personal insecurity. Leadership continually strengthens, encourages and comforts employees. This consistency promotes truth that leads to trust.



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