Why We Got Started


For The People By The People: The SABS emerged from our consultations with business leaders in addressing two issues:


  1. Growing an enduring organization
  2. Serving their employees, families, and the community with a heart of sincerety


Speakers and authors tend to offer inspiring and plausible ideas for accomplishing these two aims, but turning inspiration into action proved easier said than done. Our consulting experience found leaders who had correct ideas but no useful connection between those ideas and how-to apply them to their situation. As a result, we often found the better their ideas, the greater their frustration.


After three decades of research and consulting, we have found answers that work. Starting with proven foundational business ethics and practices, along with a dedicated team of business leaders, educators, and experienced professionals, we have formed the School of Applied Business Science© (SABS).


Experience has taught us that inspiration will not reach lasting change without meeting the business needs of the organization, and the personal needs of the individuals. The organization’s processes and values, along with individual’s skills and ethics cannot offset each other. They must match each other, otherwise the individual’s skills will stifle the processes, or the processes will frustrate the individual’s skills. Neither can the individual’s ethics subvert the organization’s values, nor do the values dictate the individual’s ethics.


The SABS teaches individuals Foundational Skills that add value to the individual both at home and at work. As the curriculum transfers, these skills transfer from person to person within the organization. Good ideas generate good performance and quality output.


The Applied Business Science Education Business Advisory Council’s Goals are to:

  1. Restore the foundational skills and ethics that our country was built on.
  2. Provide curriculum with an application that benefits the organization and its people.
  3. Supply Continuous education and improvement of people and process.
  4. Helping family owned, employee owned and closely held organizations reap the fruits of their labors for the  present time, and the generations to carry on as a profitable entity.


The School of Applied Business Science Statement:

Education and training made available and affordable, to all individuals and any size organization. All curriculums are foundational, “values, ethics and business practices”.



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