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Now that the development platforms have been established, we would like to review the pathways of implementation.


The pathways listed below are foundational with flexibilities depending on your organizations' needs. The pathways can stand alone or be combined to meet your organization's personal needs.


On-site of your Organization: The School of Applied Business Science Coordination on site of your organization either full day or half day, depending on your existing educational infrastructure and employee count.


Off-site of your Organization: The School of Applied Business Science can provide retreats and Awareness Center Locations.


On Line with your Organization: We provide education and training through computer-based training. The webcast can be from The School of Applied Business Science Awareness Center or downloaded onto your organization’s network.


School of Applied Business Science credentialing 

BSG International offers an Applied Business Science certification for organizations looking for further credentialing or employee training. This credentialing also serves as a great networking and outreach opportunity for an organization’s customers, partners, and suppliers.


Awareness Center

The Awareness Center applies the above listed platforms to state, government and community-based organizations including K-12 education, churches, clubs and other public places of need. This program also allows for participation through selective scholarships (complements of BSG International) based upon the proven financial needs of the organization and/or individual.




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