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The School of Applied Business Science provides a holistic approach to process and systems knowledge. Listed below are organizational development platforms structured to equip organizations with the essential implementation for quality through organizational and process structuring, education, training and outreach.


Curriculum: BaseWork Systems® the Applied Business Science Leadership® and Best Practices of a Quality Organization Series are comprehensive training systems strategically structured to advance the organization’s quality and product services to meet the ever-changing demands of the customer. This is accomplished through the use of video streaming, interactive team member handbooks, and Breaking Through the 4 Barriers to Quality.


Team: Each and every employee is considered part of the “team”. The team will collectively work through critical pathways to develop, enhance, and eventually maintain personal, professional and process awareness. At the core of this awareness is what we call BaseValues.®  These BaseValues are the fundamental principles and values that drive a person’s behavior. The team will be trained on how-to demonstrate and monitor these BaseValues in their area or division. The BaseValues are structured around two rules of behavior:



  1. 1. Do what is morally and ethically correct
  2. 2. Treat others like you want to be treated


This training focuses on 5 main areas of proficiency:


  • - Team Meetings: How to develop as a team player
  • - Problem Solving: The four problem solving processes
  • - Task Team: Focused, team-diversified strategic implementations
  • - Process and Systems: The BaseWork Center Assessment,® a meticulous 
  •    systems assessment with identification of improvement opportunities       
  • - Training and cross-training team members: Carryover and teaching skill development


Leadership: The Training Leadership (TL) is, in effect, the organization’s mentors or "change agents." These employees master the “five areas of proficiency” through a closely monitored series of organizational systems application. The skills gained through this application are used to retrain the team members in their specific areas of expertise and control. The evolution of this training from the front line, supervisory, and managerial staff will provide a wealth of creativity and perceived job-task ownership which will strengthen the organization and better position it for expansion in the future. The opportunity to lead is available and encouraged for all team members.


Characteristics of a Leader:

  • - Train the trainers; the transfer of knowledge
  • - Train by example and application
  • - Leaders are champions of encouragement
  • - Education is an asset of the organization
  • - Change is reinforced daily 
  • - Remake “short-term" or "short-sighted” actions to quality based decisions with long-term practices
  • - Steadfast courage rooted in truth
  • - Employees are secure with the leadership
  • - Leadership confident in systems and employees


Executive: An executive-exclusive level of continuing education provides the organization’s executive leadership with curriculum in six areas of skill development:

  • - Quality awareness: Seeing the organization through the 4 barriers to quality awareness
  • - Quality infrastructure: Organizational structures
  • - Process and systems development: Formalizing agreement of process and systems
  • - Preventive and corrective actions: Proactive intervention
  • - Analytical skills: Data-based verses emotional-based decision making and reasoning
  • - Personal leadership skills: Personal and professional growth



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