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The School of Applied Business Science offers a straight-forward business solution called The School of Applied Business Science On-line. This system partners all education training curriculum with an online management system.


BaseWork Systems 2000, SABS Leadership BaseSkills and Best Practices of a Quality Organization provide total classroom and curriculum set, which includes:


  • - Presentations: Including video, audio, slides web pages
  • - Files: Upload and attach file type to lesson
  • - Assignments: Your organization’s needs
  • - TestsAuto grading test with true or false and multiple choice questions. Randomization, question pooling, essay, time delivery and feedback feature. 
  • - Certificates: Customized certificates that are generated for each student that passes the course


BSG International On-line delivers the curriculum and courses directly to you! Your organization has virtually unlimited flexibility for delivering your content:


  • - Registration: Students can self-register or you can register them. If you want ot charge a fee, we offer credit card processing
  • - Availability: You determine what content is available and when. Limits and tracking can be setup for any element
  • - Notification: Receive automatic notification of registration and element completion or course completion
  • - Completion: You set the criteria for course completion based on content or schedule
  • - Tracking: Real time repots on class and student


The School of Applied Business Science On-line has additional uses for developing your organization’s expertise:

  • - Develop your own instructors
  • - Organizational communications, meetings, production/service update
  • - Technical procedures capture
  • - Customer and Supplier broadcast
  • - Capture an event/action with documentation – retrain others
  • - Get the fullness of talent, skills while you capture and preserve


Continuing Education: Education Incentives:

  • - Career advancement through continuing education
  • - Help with establish education/pay raise platforms
  • - As you learn, you and your organization develop


BSG International On-line Requirements:


  • System Requirements:

A Windows PC (XP or greater) or Mac OSX with 512 Mhz processor, 1GB Ram and an internet browser (IE6 or higher, Firefox, Safari or Chrome) IE6 is not recommended for instructors.


  • Network Requirements:

To manage or view video presentations a broadband connection with 768kbps or greater download and 256kbps upload is required.


  • Is BSG International On-line Safe?

                       The School of Applied Business Science On-line maintains the highest security
                       standards. Your sensitive data is encrypted and backed up in 
multiple locations.       



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