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The Following are Suggested Applications of BSG International



Growth Organizations

For organizations that are experiencing a

15-30% annually growth • To build for continuance (today) and growth (tomorrow).

Organization Development for Continuance and Growth

For organizations that are experiencing 1-14% growth and are challenged to get to the next level. Model for expansion.

Organization Expansion Acquisitions Venture Capital Investor

Start ups • Pre-Acquisitions review • Acquisitions • Selling/Transition • Review of existing systems • Review of existing organizations that are in your asset management. Sound growth accountable.

Private, Public, Profit and/or Non-Profit Organizations

Review of existing systems • Leadership Succession • System Accountable • Growth/Expansion with expertise from within.

Executive Level Education/Training

Develop new leadership and the organization’s

Management Systems • Leadership with a system for Intinuous Improvement.

Graduate Level Education/Training Transferable BaseSkills©

The how to “Leadership BaseSkills©”with application through Applied Business Science© Awareness Centers©.

Family Owned Organizations

Start ups • Pre-Acquisitions Audit • Acquisitions • Review of existing systems in your organization • Succession of ownership/leadership • Family heirs.

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