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Quality circles and continuous improvement using statistical methods, were introduced decades ago in the hope of making the American workforce more competitive. Some worked; but many were abandoned leaving multiple questions for workforce management. When Bruce Snell refers to “quality” he means People Quality! Essential to People Quality is doing what is morally and ethically correct, as well as treating others as you want to be treated. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or the low worker on the front-line; these values form the foundation of a quality organization. He calls these the Base Values© and in this book he makes the case for this People Quality which will successfully lead to Organizational Quality.


Snell writes this book from the perspective of addressing the human elements that targets the 4 Barriers to Quality: Fear, Lack of Communications, Lack of Procedures, and the Lack of Training. He includes philosophy, psychology and process to confirm his points. This book is easy to read, easy to apply and is guaranteed to improve the structure of any organization.


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News image BookSpanning more than three decades, Bruce Snell has developed and successfully implemented educational training programs that produced results far beyond customer expectations. The curriculum was tested and improved in actual working conditions prior to market introduction. Bruce has accumulated in excess of 100,000 hours of research, development and implementation to outline this program. Bruce’s process has been used in a wide variety of small and large businesses, warehouse/distribution, service and manufacturing, government, and education industries.



The communication and process skills acquired by the participants in the curriculum, provide transferable application at work and at home. Bruce Snell has launched a truly unique full line-training program made possible by the Base Work Center® concept. This concept encompasses every job, process, step, procedure and department that can be managed, planned, scheduled, monitored and held accountable.



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