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By: Bruce Snell


Common Problem: In our department, we have a co-worker that is always avoiding work and has a very negative attitude. To make matters worse, our boss is deceived and believes this employee to be a “team player.” We have become discouraged and disheartened.


Solution: The negative/multiplicative employee flourishes in departments or organizations that have informal systems or processes, so we need to develop procedures for the system involved. With informal systems there is no accountability and this person has learned to mutilate the lack of formal systems to his benefit. He has learned to “play the game” while deceiving the boss.

Your boss probably doesn’t realize the scope of the damage created by this employee’s attitude and/or he is avoiding the conflict. This lack of accountability and increased conflict will soon take its toll on your department. The bad employee just keeps sowing the spirit of deception while others take up the slack and soon become burned out. The good employee will either shut-down with a “just let me do my job” attitude or leave the organization entirely.

This is no way to build an organization.

In summary; develop written procedures for the system/process with your co-workers and your boss. This type of accountability is welcomed by co-workers, management and the organization as a whole.


Bruce Snell is a business consultant now based in Columbia, South Carolina. His company, BSG International, has worked with businesses globally for the last fifteen years. For more information, visit 



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